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12th Grade Math Help

Class 12 is an important term in a student’s life. TutorVista provides efficient online sessionsthat make students smart and confident. Some topics added in the Class 12 Math syllabus are relations and functions, calculus, algebra, linear programming and students are requested to learn these topics sincerely to build a good ground in this subject. 12th Grade Math help is an online tutoring program wherein students can learn each Math topic intensely. As we all know, based on Class 12 results students can choose their preferred subjects in higher studies. Therefore, students should take necessary initiative in order to perform well in exams. Grade 12 Math help offered by TutorVista is informative and effective for students. By opting for this learning help, students can not only enhance their subject knowledge, but also improve their confidence before exams.

Steps to improve 12th Grade Math skills:

Step 1

Practice Math chapters repeatedly and check your progress by taking online Math tests once in a week. Write down all Math problems and schedule your online session with virtual tutors and solve them in a step-by-step manner. Virtual tutors are well-trained and they guide students by giving detailed explanations of each Math problem.

Step 2

Revise your previous algebra I and geometry records before starting 12th Grade Math syllabus. Practice number system, algebra I, algebra II, calculus, pre calculus, statistics,trigonometry, geometry and advanced trigonometry.

Step 3

Revise all Math chapters included in the syllabus and then, practice online worksheets to gauge your understanding level in each topic. Follow solved examples of each Math topic and gain confidence so that you can perform well in exams.

Step 4

Learn each Math concept thoroughly and try remembering them so that you can use the concepts and formulas accurately. Online Math sessions are available for each Math topic and students can take these sessions as per their learning requirements.

Step 5

Students can take online Math quiz and solve different types of Math problems with virtual tutors and get familiar and learn the topics well. As we all know, practicing Math’s is the only way to score good in exams and therefore, students are requested to practice Math chapters earnestly.


12th Grade Math

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Class 12 includes important learning of most essential topics and focuses on differentiation,integration, inverse trigonometry, matrices, probability and so on. TutorVista provides homework help for Math wherein students can choose unlimited sessions and take guidance from virtual tutors and make their useful and efficient. Apart from this, students can follow solved examples of each Math topic.

12th Grade Math Problems

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Few problems based on 12th grade are given below:

Solved Examples

Question 1:  If A = $\begin{bmatrix}
 7&3 \\
 10& 11
\end{bmatrix}$. Find determinant A and cross multiply both the Numerators and Denominators.
Given A = $\begin{bmatrix}
 7&3 \\
 10& 11

det A = A = $\begin{vmatrix}
 7&3 \\
 10& 11
\end{vmatrix}$ = 77 - 30 = 47

So det A = 47

Question 2: Evaluate $\int_0^1$ $\frac{(sin^{-1}x)^2}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}$ dx
Let I = $\int_0^1$ $\frac{(sin^{-1}x)^2}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}$ dx

Put sin$^{-1}$x = t

By differentiating, we get

$\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}$ dx = dt

When x = 0 then t = 0

When x = 1 then t = $\frac{\pi}{2}$


I = $\int_0^\frac{\pi}{2}$  (t$^2$) dt

= $\frac{t^3}{3}$ $|_0^\frac{\pi}{2}$

= $\frac{1}{3}$ ($\frac{\pi}{2})^3$

= $\frac{\pi^3}{24}$

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