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3rd Grade Math Help

Mathematics is an assertive subject used in our day-to-day life. You either love it or really hate it. 3rd grade math is full of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and much more. Kids start learning this subject from their childhood when they count balloons, flowers and other things. The benefits of Math are vast, it’s a scoring subject hence students must learn and understand the subject accurately to rise, fly, or glide high. Mathematics is all around us and can help us in our day to day life in many areas of interest including accountancy, professional service, banking, teaching, statistical and operational research, general management and much more.

3rd Grade Math falls under the elementary level and based on the students learning capability, class 3 Math syllabus is prepared in a suitable manner. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, mental arithmetic, measurement, data handling are some essential Math topics of class 3. Students require learning these topics thoroughly to build a good grounding in Math. TutorVista designs efficient learning sessions for each Math topic offering free demo session. Students can take their trial session before choosing one or two months of course schedule for Math help. TutorVista prepares informative online learning program that are useful and affordable for students of Grade 3. Repeated learning sessions are provided for Exam preparation, you can take this online learning help by staying at home. Students can also take help with homework and solve tough Math problems immediately with our expert virtual tutors and enhance the understanding.

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3rd Grade Math Topics

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Number and Operations
  • Whole numbers from 0 to 999 - read, write, count  
  • Place value (whole numbers)
  • Compose/decompose numbers
  • Expanded notation
  • Counting money
  • Compare and Ordering - whole numbers, fractions
  • Rounding and Estimation
  • Add or subtract Decimals
  • Addition using commutative, associative, and zero properties
  • Concept of Division and Multiplication
  • Positive Fractions Numbers and Decimals
  • Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping

Geometry and Measurement

  • Angles
  • Line, Line Segments, Rays
  • Identify Solid Figures and Shapes
  • Counting and Comparing Sides, Vertices, Edges and Faces of Plane Shapes
  • Congruency and similarity
  • Perimeter of Polygons, and the Area of Rectangles
  • Expresses all Measures using Appropriate units
  • Conversion of Units
  • Relationships using Location and Position
  • Reasoning and Visualization of 3 Dimensional Shapes

Data, Statistics, and Probability

  • Collect, record, display, interpret data
  • Describing events
  • Possible outcomes for simple events
  • Results of probability experiments
Mathematical Reasoning
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Informal and mathematical language
  • Make generalizations
  • Justify solutions

3rd Grade Math

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TutorVista offers suitable online sessions for Math topics included in the syllabus of Grade 3.With this online learning process students can practice different mathematical problems at their convenient time. Students are advised to take online Math worksheets and practice these sincerely before their final exams. In this way, they can not only brush up each topic, but can enhance their performance in exams.

Third grade students will be able to fulfill objectives like:
  • Adding equals to both sides of an equation  


453 + (543 + 345) = ____ + (453 + 345)

453 + (543 + 345) = 543 + (453 + 345)

  • Evaluating expressions with operations addition, subtraction and multiplication 


15 + (25 - 5) $\times$ 6 = _____

15 + (25 - 5) $\times$ 6 = 15 + 5 $\times$ 6

= 15 + 30

= 45

  • Using variables and evaluating expressions using variables


What is the value of x - 2 = ___ , when x = 5.


x - 2 = ___ , when x = 5

$\Rightarrow$ 5 - 2 = 3

  • Area of Rectangle


Find the area of rectangle with length of 5m and width 7m.

Length of the rectangle = 5
Width of the rectangle = 7

Area of rectangle = length $\times$ width

$\Rightarrow$ Area of rectangle = 5 $\times$ 7 = 35 square m

3rd Grade Math Problems

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Different Math problems are solved in the sessions offered by TutorVista. The most advantageous part of this session is its experienced tutors. Students can schedule their sessions on different topics added in the class 3 syllabus and work with the virtual tutors and solve these in a systematic manner. Follow some solved examples of each topic and boost up your confidence before tests.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Convert the measuring units as indicated

2 hour = _____ min
In 1 hour = 60 min

=> 2 hour = 2 $\times$ 60 min

=> 2 hour = 120 min, is the answer


Question 2: Find the missing addend.

125 +  ____  = 200

Let missing addend be x

125 + x = 200

=> x = 200 - 125

=> x = 75

=> 125 + 75 = 200 (Which is true)

Question 3: Find the perimeter of rectangle with length  4 ft and width 2 ft.
Length of the rectangle = 4

Width of the rectangle = 2

Perimeter of rectangle = 2(Length + Width)

=> Perimeter of rectangle = 2(4 + 2)

=> Perimeter of rectangle = 2 $\times$ 6 = 12

Hence, Perimeter of rectangle is 12 ft.


Question 4: Find the probability of getting tail while tossing a coin.

Sample Space = {H, T}

Number of possible outcomes = 2

Number of favorable outcomes = 1

=> Probability of getting tail = $\frac{Number  of   favorable   outcomes}{Total  number  of   possible   outcomes}$

= $\frac{1}{2}$

=> Probability of getting tail is $\frac{1}{2}$.

3rd Grade Math Practice

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Below are some practice problems based on 3rd grade :

Practice Problems

Question 1: Find the probability of getting one while tossing a die. (Answer: $\frac{1}{6}$)
Question 2: Find the missing addend.

220 + ____ = 540 (Answer: 320)
Question 3: Convert the measuring units as indicated

20 meters = ____ cm (Answer: 2000 cm)
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