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Scale Models

A scale model is a model which represents how large or smaller a object to its actual size. It means it measures the size of object and then can convert it in different unit. It is very important concept in mathematics.

For example, if height of David is 6 ft then we can convert it in inches. We know 12 inch= 1ft so 6 ft =72 inch. So height of David is 72 inches. So, there are many conversion rule in a scale model.

Scale measurements are the one of the important concepts in math. We can measure each and every thing in real life.

Scale theory is mainly used to measure that units and convert in to another measurements. For example, cloths are measured in the scale unit of meters. In this article we are going to learn about different scale models and their formulas and suitable example problems.


Scale Conversions

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Scale is one of the important geometrical instruments in math. It is mainly used to measure the units of millimeter, centimeter, inches, and then meter values. The below pictures shows the scale. This scale has 15 cm scale measurements and each 1 centimeter is divided in to 10 millimeter.


Below are the scale conversion -

  1. 10 millimeter = 1 centimeter
  2. 10 centimeter = 1 decimeter
  3. 10 decimeter = 1 meter
  4. 10 meter = 1 decameter
  5. 10 decameter = 1 hectometer
  6. 10 hectometer = 1 kilometer
  7. 1 foot = 0.33 yard
  8. 1 foot = 12 inches
  9. 1 foot = 30.48 centimeter
  10. 1 foot = 304.8 millimeter

These are the important conversion formulas in different scale models.

Example on Scale Model

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Below are the examples on scale model -

Solved Examples

Question 1: Convert 10 foot into yard
We have to convert 10 foot into yard

Step 1: we know 1 foot=0.33 yard

Step 2: so 10 foot will be equal to (10*0.33)

Step 3: so it will be equal to 3.3 yard

so answer is 3.3 yard

Question 2: Convert 15 foot into centimeter
We have to convert 15 foot into centimeter.

Step 1: we know 1 foot=30.48 cm

Step 2: so 15 foot=15*30.48 cm

Step 3: so it will be equal to 457.2 cm

so answer is 457.2 cm

Question 3: Convert 252 inch into foot
Here it is given 252 inch .we have to convert it in foot

Step 1:we know 12 inch=1 foot

Step 2:so 252 inch will be=252/12 foot

Step 3:so it will be equal to 21 foot

so answer is 21 foot

Question 4: Convert 22 foot into millimeter
Here we have to convert 22 foot into millimeter.

Step 1: we know 1 foot = 304.8 millimeter

Step 2: so 22 foot  = 22*304.8 millimeter

Step 3: so it will be equal to 6705.6 millimeter.

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