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Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Comparing and ordering decimals is a way to arrange decimals in the ascending or descending order by using the symbols >, <, or = correctly.
If we can compare two decimal numbers. One number is either greater than (>), less than (<) or equal to (=) the other number.

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To compare decimal numbers, compare each digit in the same place value from left to right. Start from whole number, then the digit in the tenths place followed by the digit in the hundredths place and so on.

Steps For Comparing Decimals:

Step 1: Set up a place value chart with the decimal point.

Step 2: Place each number in the place value chart .

Step 3: Add or remove zeros at the end of a decimal number until the numbers have same decimal places.

Step 4: Compare each digit in the same place value from left to right.

Step 5: The first digit that shows the greater value shows the greater decimal.

Solved Example

Question: Which is the greatest, 0.2345, 0.123, 0.234000, 0.1700 or  0.345

Place each number in the place value chart:

Comparing Decimal

Compare the tenths, The greatest digit is 3. So greatest decimal is 0.345

→ Read More To know the least and the greatest decimals, arrange the decimals in the either ascending or descending order. To compare and order decimals in ascending or descending order use the signs >, < or =.

Steps For Ordering Decimals:

Step 1: Compare the decimals by using above steps.

Step 2: If ordered the decimals in ascending order, then pick the smallest first.
Step 3: If ordered the decimals in descending order, then pick the greatest first.

Solved Example

Question: Arrange the decimals in the ascending order.

0.3456, 0.3567, 0.2765, 0.1876 and 0.3876
Step 1: Place each number in the place value chart:

Ordering Decimals

So, 0.3876 > 0.3567 > 0.3456 > 0.2765 > 0.1876

Step 2:
 Arrange in ascending order as

0.1876, 0.2765, 0.3456, 0.3567, 0.3876.

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