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Geometry Homework Help

Homework is no longer a pain. Get help from TutorVista and make your homework fun. Geometry is the study of shapes and figures in mathematics. It is not that complex a study. But, proper understanding and clear knowledge over the concept is necessary to gain a complete learning. Get your geometry help now and have fun with your homework.

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Topics Covered in Geometry Homework Help

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Given below are some of the topics covered under High School Geometry Homework Help.

  • Geometric Shape Attributes
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Lines of Symmetry Shapes
  • Parallel Perpendicular Lines Problems
There are also some other important topics covered apart from the above topics. Get help from an online tutor now!

High School Geometry Homework Help

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Geometry homework help gives students the opportunity to learn from each other through discussion boards and public forums. Free online math help is a viable option for students who really want to improve their math grades. Home work help features an individual math solver who works with each student everyday. The homework help section is a quick way to check your answers and the method used to solve the problems.

Given below are the examples based on how to solve geometric problems. 

Solved Examples

Question 1: Solve the volume of a right cone whose radius is 10 m and height is 15 m.
Given: Radius = 10 m

Height = 15 m.

Volume of right cone = $\frac{1}{3}$ $\times$ $\pi$ $\times$ Radius$^2$ $\times$ Height

Solving for volume, V = $\frac{1}{3}$ $\times$ 3.14 $\times$ (10)$^2$ $\times$ 15

V = 1570

Therefore, Volume of right cone is 1570 cubic meter.

Question 2: Find the volume of a prism whose base area is 40 m2 and the height is 18 m.
Step 1: Base area of prism is 40 m2 and height is 18 m (given)

Step 2: The volume of the prism is, V = (Base area x Height) cubic units

= 40 x 18

= 720

So, the volume of prism is 720 m3

Question 3: Find the area and perimeter of the parallelogram, whose base length = 18 cm and height = 4 cm.
Area of parallelogram = Base x Height

= 18 x 4

= 72

Area of parallelogram = 72 cm2

Perimeter of parallelogram = 2(Base + Height)

= 2(18 + 4)

= 2(22)

= 44

Perimeter of Parallelogram = 44 cm.

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