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3d Nets

There are an infinite number of shapes found in our surroundings. Few are geometrical, while others are non geometrical. The geometrical shapes are actually the shapes which possess some certain properties illustrated in the definition of that shape. There are two and three dimensional geometrical figures that are generally learnt by the students. The three dimensional objects are those which have three dimensions, such as - length, breadth and height or width. 3D figures do not lie on the plane surface. These are difficult to draw on a piece of paper. In order to understand three dimensional shapes more clearly, students are to know about 3d nets.

Solid figures and nets in geometry is concerned with three-dimensional shapes. A net is a two-dimensional (planar) figure made up of geometric solids that can be folded easily. A solid figures and nets is a flat pattern of solid figures. A 3D net is a pictorial representation of a three-dimensional figure on a two dimensional plane so that each and every edge and face is in front of us. A 3D net has no height or width. It only has length and breadth. With the help of a 3D net, a three-dimensional shape is converted into a two-dimensional diagram. It can be given to us with an easy way to analyze the different bases, edges, faces and even dimensions of any space figure.


Nets of 3d Shapes

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Nets are the flattened shape of the solids. Here, we will discuss how to make nets of some 3D shapes.
  1. Sphere
  2. Cube
  3. Cuboids or Rectangular prism
  4. Triangular prism
  5. Hexagonal prism
  6. Octahedron
  7. Tetrahedron

Drawing Nets of 3d Shapes:

Let us see how to draw nets of 3d shapes.

A sphere is a perfectly rounded geometrical solid figure object in three-dimensional space. It is the figure of a round ball.


Sphere Net:

net of solid figure

A cube is a 3D solid figure object, that is bounded by 6 square faces, sides, with three vertex.

cube solid figure

Cube Net:

net of cubesolid figure

A cuboid or a rectangular prism is a solid figure bounded by 6 faces, creating a convex polyhedron. In a rectangular cuboid solid figure, all angles are right angles, and opposite faces of cuboids are equal. It is called as right rectangular prism.

cuboid solid figure

Cuboid Net:

net of cuboid solid figure

The regular pyramid is a tetrahedron. It is entirely made up of triangles. The pyramids are square pyramids. Pyramid is not a regular polyhedron, since it uses a square as well as triangles.

pyramid solid figure

Pyramid Net:

net of pyramid solid figure

A prism is 3d figure in which the top and bottom polygons lie on top of each other, so that the vertical polygons joining their sides are not only parallelograms but also rectangles.

prism solid figure

Prism Net:

net of prism solid figure

3d Figures Nets

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Given below are some of the 3d Figure Nets.
Triangular Prism:
A triangular prism is 3d figure. It is a prism with a triangular cross section. It has five faces, six corners, and nine edges.

triangular prism solid figure

Net of Triangular Prism:

net of triangular prism solid figure

An octahedron is a 3d figure which has 6 vertices, 12 edges, and 8 equivalent equilateral triangular faces.

Octahedron solid figure

Net of Octahedron:

net of Octahedron solid figure

A tetrahedron is a 3d figure which has 4 vertices, 6 edges, and 4 equivalent equilateral triangular faces.

Tetrahedron solid figure

Net of Tetrahedron:

net of Tetrahedron solid figure

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