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Mathematical thinking and reasoning begins for students long before it is taught at school.  Beginning as infants, humans are engrossed to designs, patterns and shapes.  Parents support this by frequently buying toys or models with brightly colored pictures, figures, or designs. These shapes and designs are the very introductory level of the mathematical field of geometry.

Geometry is all around us.  Angles, lines, shapes, curves, line segments, and other features of geometry are in every single place you gaze.  Even in this page the letters themselves are built of lines, line segments, and curves!  Take a look around of lines, angles, curves, etc. Notice that some are two-dimensional while others are three-dimensional. Our very own environment also has abundance of geometry.  Shapes and patterns can be found on leaves, on roads, in flowers, in seashells and many other places.  Even our own bodies comprise of patterns, curves and lines.  Patterns are found in every single part of a home including: painting designs, windows, rug, doors and many other examples.

Let’s check what an Angle, line and shape is:
  1. An angle is formed when two rays come together at the same end point.
  2. A line is the path, which is always straight, and ranges out infinitely.
  3. Shapes are sole representations with detailed properties to define them.

Geometry is also an integral part of many other areas of study, including physics and natural sciences.


Geometry for Kids

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How many of you agree that "Math teaches you to think." Math seems changed, because it's a specific, influential vocabulary for thoughts. When we know how to apply and recognize the relationship between shapes and sizes we will be well organized to use them in our day-to-day lives. Since it provides the knowledge of how to deal with measurements and relation between lines, surfaces, angles and solids. Think of masterminds that created man made wonders. They all made use of geometry to be able to construct and make their innovative thinking come to life.

Geometry helps kids to bring together both sides of their brain. In other words, not just to be a left-brain thinker, but also a right-brain thinker. The left-brain is the more reasonable, practical pitch, whereas the right-brain is the part that envisions and where the artists get their imaginative creativeness from. Not many people have the skill to connect the two and work together as one. Geometry will support in doing that.

Objectives of Geometry for kids:

  • Students will be able to determine the capability and ascertain the ways geometry is used by people in their daily lives. 
  • Students will be able to identify and name figures such as square, rhombus, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, parallelogram, hexagon, kite, polygon, octagon, rectangular and triangular prisms, pyramids, sphere and cone. 
  • Students will be able to evaluate numerous properties of shapes for instance right angles, parallel sides, number of sides, number of corners, etc. 
  • Students will be able to build relationships between classes of figures for example rectangles are parallelograms with a right angle, etc. 
  • Students will be able to think appropriately with regards to geometrical concepts.

Geometry for Parents

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Geometry is one of the classical disciplines of math. When we know how to relate, apply and recognize the connection between shapes and sizes we will be good at using them in our everyday lives, since it provides the facts of how to deal with measurements and relationships of lines, angles, surfaces and solids. When you learn to use geometry you also learn to think logical. This is very important in everyday life, as not everything is simple and clear.

Many different scientific and high-tech fields necessitate familiarity of geometry. Especially in the more advanced and focused fields such as computer imaging, creating animations, video games, designing,  mapping, surveying, navigation, astronomy etc. Professions such as medicine benefit from geometric imaging such as surgical aids, CT scans and MRIs which is essential for diagnosis. The same is helpful for architects as they design buildings with interesting shapes and sizes.

The use and knowledge of Geometry is vital. When thinking reasonably many difficult problems can be wiped out and simple solutions can be found. Knowing about different shapes and their sizes lets the mind to envision new things by constructing with learned shapes. Geometry is a good training ground for students to make use of physical materials and accomplishments. 
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