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Pre Algebra Tutoring

To have a beautiful piece of architecture built, one needs a very strong base. Algebra is most of the prominent topics of mathematics which deals with the concepts of groups, rings and also have used in vector algebra. The basics of algebra will be taught in pre-algebra. It does deal with the concept of signed numbers, multiples, factors and many more of such basic concepts. Pre-algebra has various topics such as decimal, fractions, percents and so on which can prove a little tricky for the beginners. To have good concepts some tricky problems are needed to be solved which can be a little tough. These parts can be addressed by an online tutor.

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Online Pre - Algebra Tutor

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Pre-algebra is a basic concept and hence it is very important. The best way to get a nice grip on a subject is to learn the concepts, work out example problems first and then practice a lot of problems. The mind of the student should be trained according to the subject by practicing problems based on the concept, and the toughness level should keep increasing once the student is comfortable with the concept. If the student starts facing problems in certain topics, online pre-algebra tutors are available to guide them online.

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In tutorvista 24/7 live tutors are available to help the students with their problems in pre-algebra topics. These tutors are available whole day to give live sessions. Expert tutors are there who also give demo sessions before you chose to buy a session. The tutors will sit with whiteboards and even students will have the same so that it will be easy to explain problems. The whiteboard canvas used by tutorvista works exactly as the whiteboard used in a live classroom.
Pre Algebra Tutoring

Pre - Algebra Topics

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The topics covered under pre-algebra are given here.

1. Whole numbers

2. Decimals

3. Percents

4. Fractions

5. Exponents

6. Radicals

7. Polynomials

8. Expressions and equations

9. Ratio and proportion

10. Geometry and measurement

11. Graphing

Help with Pre - Algebra Math Problems

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The big advantage of online help with pre-algebra is that the student can learn at his/her own pace. Each student cannot be equally good in all subjects. Using online help, the student can solve their problems in particular subjects and topics. It also gives one the freedom to change the tutor whenever he/she wishes. It is a better option to go for online tutors so that the best of knowledge comes to the student despite geographical boundaries.

Given are some sample examples on pre-algebra.

Example 1: Solve $x\ -\ 11$ = $3$.

Solution: Given equation is $x\ -\ 11$ = $3$

Adding $11$ on both sides,

$x\ -\ 11\ +\ 11$ = $3\ +\ 11$

$x$ = $14$

Hence, the value of $x$ is $14$.
Example 2: Find the remainder of $x^3\ -\ 2x^2\ +\ 3x\ -\ 11$ when divided by ($x\ -\ 2$).

Solution: Let $P(x)$ = $x^3\ -\ 2x^2\ +\ 3x\ -\ 11$

Putting, $x\ -\ 2$ = $0$

$x$ = $2$

To get the remainder find $P(2)$.

$P(2)$ = $2^3\ -\ 2.2^2\ +\ 3.2\ -\ 11$ = $-5$

Hence, the remainder will be $-5$.
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