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9th grade Math help is an online tutoring program through which students can learn each Math topic in a thorough manner. This learning program is ideally designed to meet student's educational requirements. TutorVista provides well-organized online sessions for each academic standard. Moreover, students can opt for as many sessions as they need for each Math topic. Apart from this, students can choose homework help as well as assessment help to make their learning easier and effective. However, TutorVista offers vast subject coverage and hence, students get adequate help from this site.

Algebra, Geometry, co-ordinate geometry and number system are some topics, which are taught in class 9 standard. Apart from class room sessions, students can opt for online sessions for these topics. They can schedule these sessions during their exam preparation and brush up their understanding thoroughly before exams. It has been observed that most students face exam stress before their tests. This stress hampers student's performance in exams and to handle this situation, students should enhance their confidence level by practicing each Math topic accurately. TutorVista provides one-stop learning solution for students of all grades. This site not only offers Math worksheets, but also provides personalized Math help to assist students in solving their learning problems in a right manner.

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9th Grade Math Problems

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Few 9th Grade Math Problems are as follows:

Solved Examples

Question 1: The sum of the age of two sisters is 31. The younger sister was 3 years younger than the older sibling five years ago. How old are they now?
Let the age of two sisters x and y (Let us assume that y is younger sister).

Since sum of the age of two sisters is 31, So x + y = 31

x + y = 31  ............(1)

Five years ago:

The age of two sisters x - 5 and y - 5

y - 5 = (x - 5) - 3

y - 5 = x - 8

or y = x - 3   ....(2)

Substitute the value of y in equation (1)

x + x - 3 = 31

2x = 34

or x = 17

Again substitute the value of x in equation (2)

y = 17 - 3 = 14

Therefore both the sisters are of 14 and 17.

Question 2: A rectangular shape garden is 1 feet longer than it is wide and has area of 90 sq feet. Find the dimensions of the garden.
Let x be the width of the garden, so x + 1 is the length.

Area of garden = 90 sq. feet (given)
We know that, Area of rectangle = Length $\times$ Width

=> 90 = x(x + 1)

x$^2$ + x - 90 = 0 (which is quadratic equation)

Solve for x
x$^2$ + 10x - 9x - 90 = 0

x(x + 10) - 9(x + 10) = 0

(x - 9)(x + 10) = 0

=> x = 9  or  x = -10

Length can not be negative, so neglect x = -10

So x = 9, is the width of the garden and 10 is the length of the rectangular garden.

9th Grade Math Practice

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Practice different problems of 9th grade Math and brush up your subject knowledge thoroughly before exams. Several solved examples are also added in each online session. Moreover, students can schedule Math sessions with TutorVista and make their learning process easier and constructive.

Practice Problems

Question 1: The sum of Jarina's and Jarin's age is 30. Two years ago, Jarin was 10 years older than her. How old are they now. (Answer: Jarin's age = 20 and Jarina's age = 10 years.)
Question 2: Solve for x; $\sqrt{x - 9}$ = 10 (Answer: x = 109)
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